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Test 1

Older Homework

Welcome back Grade 11’s As we will not have a lot of time this year with the rotational time table it is best to do some revision of grade 10 work on your own at home, you are more than welcome to contact me through whatsapp with any questions if you get stuck. Please complete all these activities in you grade 11 workbook. The corrections will be posted on the following dates: Depreciation Act 1: Monday 8 February Depreciation Act 2: Wednesday 10 February Depreciation Act 3: Friday 12 February Good luck and I look forward to working with you this year. A Wayland
Good morning grade 11’s Here is the corrections for the the first depreciation worksheets Whatsapp me if there is any questions. Regards A Wayland
Good morning grade 11’s Here is the corrections for the second worksheet
Good morning grade 11’s Here is your corrections. I hope that all of you have already fetched your textbooks as we are starting with a new topic on Monday. Good luck and be ready to work hard this year. Regards Ms A Wayland
Goeiedag graad 11’s van 2021 Ek stuur vir julle die mondelinge opdrag vir hierdie jaar. Gebruik die tyd wat jy nog by die huis het om jou toespraak uit te werk sodat ons reeds die eerste week kan begin om na julle toesprake te luister. Julle moet die laaste paar dae van rus geniet, want ons sal hierdie jaar baie hard moet werk. Groete Mev. E. Coetzee
Mondelinge opdrag Graad 11
Short Description Greetings and Welcome Back Grade 11s Looking forward to this year. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1. Please use a 192 page workbook, leave TWO pages open and then copy the notes that are provided. 2. Make sure to underline each heading and sub-headings, and also to rule of after each module. 3. All drawings must be included in your notes. 4. Please mail me at if you have any questions. 5. Welcome and see you soon!
CAT GR11 MODULE 1.12021-02-10
Good day Grade 11s, Please make sure you complete all the summarised content provided and also the WRITTEN MODULE ACTIVITIES for homework. Homework will be checked in the week of school reopening, please make sure it is completed. See you soon!! Ms Leso
Good day Grade 11 Drama students. Hope you are well rested as this year is about to start. Please find your first play for this year “a Dolls house” and read it carefully. The play is a realism written by Hendrick Ibsen. Please make notes as you read on all of the dramatic elements in the play such as Characters, themes, language, setting, structure etc. Please make sure that you are done with this on the 10th of Feb. 2021. Kind regards. Ms. Malan
a Dolls house SCRIPT2021-02-09
It is of utmost importance that you have your three Monologues, (practical pieces for the year) by the 15th of Feb 2021. Please find the practical task attached. Start by looking for your performance pieces, use the task as a reference. You can also start working on the task, i will give you a due date as soon as we have finalised all the practical performance pieces, as i still have to approve them. Kind regards
PRACTICAL task 2021
Good day Grade 11s, I hope you are all prepped and excited for the year ahead! In preparation for our return to school, I am posting a revision booklet of different language skills and devices. While there are many pages, the theory will assist you to answer the questions on the last two pages of the document. If you have any questions feel free to contact me (Ms T Marshall) via the Contact form on the website. There are two *Editing* exercises for you to do neatly in the back of your Language books or on exam pad paper (to be filed neatly). Remember to add a date and heading, don’t forget to underline all dates and headings. Your main heading should be *Language Revision*, and the sub headings are *Editing exercise 1* and *Editing exercise 2*. These are to be completed by Monday, when the memo will be uploaded. Kind regards, Ms Marshall
Revision of Language
2021-02-01 Topic 1 – Atmosphere – Unit 1 – The Earth’s Energy Balance Activity 1 – 3 and Unit 1 Questions 2021-02-04
Hello Grd 11s, I have attached your work for week 2 on the website, Global Air Circulation. Please work through the chapter in your textbook and answer the activity questions by yourself before checking against my slides. Do not worry about Unit 1, Earth’s Energy Balance, that is a recap of Grd 10 work and I will go through that with you before the Term test.
2. Grade 11 Topic 1 – Atmosphere – Unit 2 – Global Air Circulation Activity 4 – 10 and Unit 2 Questions 2021-02-07 Coriolisforce explained Global winds The Coriolis Effect Understanding Global Atmospheric Circulation Atmospheric Circulation
Good day grade 11s, Welcome to my grade 11 Hospitality studies class. I’m looking forward to spend 2021 with you and to help you achieve great success with hard work and perseverance. I look forward to see you in a bit more than a weeks time. In the meantime, please copy the presentation notes in your books and make sure you know the content thereof. Leave the first page of your books open to paste in important information you will receive on the first day of school. Mrs. Stanton
WEEK 1 South African culinary uniqueness and traditions
Hi Gr11s 🙂 Please use a 192 page workbook, leave TWO pages open and then copy the notes for Module 1.1 Hardware. Please mail me at if you have any questions. See you soon!
Gr11 MOD 1.1 Hardware
Welcome Swartjies to 2021 Please complete the introduction to Life Sciences worksheet for week 1 and week 2
Skills Booklet 2021-02-03
Welcome Swartjies 2021 Please familiarize yourselves with the content of Introduction to Life Sciences for week 1 and 2.
Baseline test Term 1 2021
Warm welcome Grade 11’s. We are starting with grade 10 Mechanics because we did not get to it due to COVID – 19.
Grade 11 Physical Sciences
Hello Tourists! I hope you are all rested and ready to kick start the year! The attached file has a few new terms you will need to know regarding airports. Kindly copy the definitions in your note books. Ensure to familiarize yourself with them as they will be tested on the 26th of Feb. Keep a look out for more content to come. Yours in travel Ms. Chelopo
Airport and Aircraft Terminology2021-02-08
Hello tourists! As promised, the attached file is a continuation of the Airports Terminology. Kindly apply the same instructions as the previous upload. Yours in travel Ms D. Chelopo
Airport and Aircraft Terminology continued2021-02-11
Hello Tourists! After Airport terminology, we will now look at Airport Technology. Please pay attention to the following instructions: Please write down the definitions provided between slide 1-6, this serves as a study method in preparation for your test on the 26th. Please summarize the notes on slide 8-9. On slide 10-11, differentiate between Kerbside check-in kiosk and Online check-in. There are notes on slide 12-13 to be copied. on Slide 14, please differentiate between Electronic boarding pass and an electronic ticket as well as electronic passport/I.D and an electronic visa. I will check and mark the work upon your return. Yours in travel Ms Chelopo
8 Airport Technology
Good Day Grade 11’s! Here is the first PAT of 2021. The theme is “HOME”. Please read through the document, I have included background information on the theme to help inspire you and your interpretation of the theme: “HOME”. Please follow the instructions on page 4 of the PAT. You must complete numbers 1-5 of your Index for your first class. Make sure your visual diary/Source book is A3 size. You must show all your work and ideas, I want to see everything to be able to help guide you so that you create an artwork that fits the theme well and so that you can do well. If you are unsure of anything or have any questions about the theme and your interpretation of the theme, please contact me!!! Kind Regards, Ms Sassman
PAT 1 2021