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Test 1

Older Homework

Please use the guidelines on the two pdf files to summarize the theory on companies. please do act. 1.1 and 1.2 on pg 10 & 11 from your text book. All summaries and activities must be done in your accounting workbook. If at all possible please join the grade 12 accounting whatsup group. If you do not have the link yet please send me a message on the cell number I gave you last year in class. Regards Mrs Moolman
1. COMPANIES CONCEPTS Company concepts homework
Gr12 Afrikaans 2021 – Taak 5: Voorbereide toespraak: Lees die instruksies baie deeglik. Doen sorgvuldig navorsing oor jou onderwerp. Maak seker julle begin alreeds met voorbereiding in hierdie tyd. Julle het ‘n week vir voorbereiding. Voorbereide toesprake sal begin vanaf 22 Feb na skool in die middae. Me. C van Rooyen
Voorbereide mondelinge opdrag Graad 12 2021-02-06
Gr12 Afrikaans – Sien asseblief die teoretiese aspekte van gedigte aangeheg. Leer die Teoretiese aspekte van gedigte. Julle skryf 11 Februarie 2021 ‘n formele assessering oor die teoretiese aspekte van gedigte. Die assessering sal aanlyn via Google Forms geskryf word. Groete Me. C van Rooyen
Hello “lady’s and gentleman” if you are reading this you are almost ready to start GR12 CAT. Here are a Few things you need to start with your theory work: 1: Get a 192 page work book 2: Cove the book with funky(appropriate for high school)paper. if you have done that then you are ready. Work your way trough module 1.1 in your text book after reading module 1.1 on the 3rd page of your work book write the date for this week 5 February and underline. Then copy the notes down for module 1.1. and do the WMA(Written Module Activity) on page 10 number 1- 16 in your work books. included is the questions for Module 1.1 and the notes 🙂
MOD 1.1 ComputersEverydayLives MOD 1.1 Computers in our everyday lives questions 2021-02-08
Hello guys, its the second week of school so we need to work some more. I will assume that you have completed the previous weeks work and are now ready for this week. Remember you are now a professional you are in Gr 12 and with that comes great responsibility. Here is the first part of the work for this week. Please go trough the corresponding pages in the textbook after going trough the notes.
Module 1.2 part 12021-02-09
Good day Gr 12’s here is the work for 9 February 2021. Keep working hard guys you can do it!
Module 1.2 part 22021-02-10
Good day Gr 12. Please complete the questions provided in the PDF after home work for 9 February 2021.
Mod 1.2 qpt3
Good day Grade 12 learners of 2021. I am extremely exited for the year. Please find the first script “Waiting for Godot” and read it carefully. This is the most important script of your grade 12 year!! It might seem strange to you as this is Absurd theatre. Do not worry if it makes no sense to you (really no sense at all) All will be explained in notes to follow. You just have to read the script first. Please make notes on any questions, observations, themes, character, language, structure or any other dramatic element or application in the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. This is one of my favorite plays ever written, I do hope you enjoy it too. Start reading it with a open mind and please be done with it by Wednesday 10 Feb 2021.
waiting for godot SCRIPT2021-02-09
It is of utmost importance that you have your three Monologues, (practical pieces for the year) by the 15th of Feb 2021. Please find the practical task attached. Start by looking for your performance pieces, use the task as a reference. You can also start working on the task, i will give you a due date as soon as we have finalised all the practical performance pieces, as i still have to approve them. Kind regards
PRACTICAL task 2021
Good afternoon grade 12s of 2021!! Sorry to say but your holidays have come to an end! It’s time to get your FINAL year of school going. Please read the attached file carefully. You will have to present your orals before school starts so we can save some time. See you next week!
GRADE 12 TASK 4 and 7 PREPARED SPEECH 2021 2021-02-01
Good Afternoon GR12. Please see the 2 files. The first one is a list of all those who have already booked so please make sure your name is there if you did book, also check to see which days are open. The 2nd file is the task instruction.
Grade 12 2021 oral bookings GRADE 12 TASK 4 and 7 PREPARED SPEECH 2021 2021-02-02
Good afternoon grade 12s. You have received 2 files. The first one is a file filled with exam terms your must copy into your books at the back and study.The second file is a bunch of language activities to get you set up with the basics again. Please complete this in your book by Wednesday 10 Feb.Remember to leave open your first 2 pages (in the front) and do this in the language section of your book (at the back).
How to tackle exam questions ENGLISH LEARNING THE BASICS 2016 REVISED FINAL
Hello new Grade 12s! Congratulations and so we begin with your final school year. Uploaded is your first week of work, the first pdf is a recap of the Global Air Circulation you did in Grade 11 first term, go through that work and make notes wherever you would like to. The second pdf is your first Grd 12 topic, Mid-Latitude Cyclones. Your textbook will have all the relevant information and the activity questions to work through. Please attempt the activity questions on your own first before looking through my slides for the activity corrections. Do not worry if the video clips do not work, I will go through that with you at our first extra-class.
Grade 12 Topic 1 – Climate and Weather – Unit 1 – Mid-Latitude Cyclones Activity 1 – 3 Grade 12 Topic 1 – Climate and Weather – Revision Gr 11 Global Air Circulation 2021-02-05
Next week’s work for Grd 12. Please complete the Activities and End-of-Unit Questions. Again, attempt them on your own before checking against my answers in the PDF slides.
Grade 12 Topic 1 – Climate and Weather – Unit 2 – Tropical Cyclones Activity 4 – 6, Case Study and Unit 2 Questions2021-02-07 Air Pollution 101 – National Geographic Cold Front vs Warm Front Cold Fronts and Warm fronts Coriolis effect on the eye of tropical cyclone Hurricane Katrina day by day Stages of a MCL What is an Occluded Front Weather Word of the Week
Good day matrix of 2021!!! I hope you are well rested and eager to start your academic year. This is your year, make the most of it! Remember, hard work pays off. I’m looking forward to seeing you, but in the meantime you have to start working and studying. Please write the following presentation notes in your scripts and familiarize yourself with the content. Also do the class test I have posted as an activity in your scripts. I will post new work next week. Leave the first page open for important information to be pasted in your books. Mrs. Stanton
Hi Gr12s 🙂 Please use a 192 page workbook, leave ONE page open and then copy the notes for Module 1.1 Hardware. Please mail me at if you have any questions. Remember that the activity is included and must be done from the THEORY textbook! I have added the Activity for those who still do not have textbooks! PLEASE fetch your textbooks at school, if you haven’t already do so immediately! Regards, Mr Basson.
Gr12 MOD 1.1 Hardware ACTIVITY MOD1.1
Dear Swartjies Welcome to Life Sciences 2021! Please familiarize yourselves with the introduction to Life Sciences. Complete the worksheet for week 1 and week 2.
Skills Booklet 2021-02-03
Welcome Swartjies 2021 Please familiarize yourselves with the content of the Introduction to Life Sciences for week 1 and 2.
Baseline test Term 1 2021-02-05
Dear Swartjies Hope all is well. I know that you are busy working through the INTRODUCTION NOTES TO LIFE SCIENCES. Kindly receive the notes and content for the first three weeks in Life Sciences. Peruse trough the notes in order to be prepared when we physically start working. Enjoy the last week at home. I am looking forward to see you on 15 February 2021. Regards. Mrs Cilliers
Life Sciences Gr.12 Term 1 Weeks 1-3 2021
Welcome to your Gr 12 year, a year in which we are going to work very hard. I have loaded you the first lesson of the first topic. It shows what you must be able to do at the end of the topic, and all the keywords. These keywords must please be copied to your 192 page hardcover workbook. You are also allowed to print it and paste it into your books. Make sure you work through them and understand all the words. This must be done by Friday, 5 Jan 2021
Lesson 1 keywords2021-02-08
Please find the slide on simple and compound interest. The homework must please be done by 9 February.
Hello Swartjies. This will be the remainder of the work for this week. If you open the presentation you will find the homework on the last page. Ex 6 and Ex 32. Remember that this presentation must be in your workbook. Either copied or printed. The corrections will be posted on Friday. Make sure that all your work is done when school starts on Monday as we will not redo this work.
Grade 12 Physical Sciences Warm welcome Grade 12’s. We are starting with the grade 12 Mechanics already because we do not know what to the COVID will bring, Nationwide lock down, school closures etc. I will recommend that you download this video, watch it and use your grade 12 Textbooks to do the following Exercise. After the video, do the exercise in a Grade 12 Physical sciences notebook with the date as indicated (Tuesday 9/02/2021).
Grade 12 Momentum Exercise 12021-02-13
Grade 12s, Please do Exercise 2 also in to your Exercise books.
Exercise 2
Hello Tourists!!! I hope you are are all well rested and ready to kick start the year. I have included all necessary instructions in the slides attached. Kindly go through the content and do the activities attached. There will be more to come so keep a look out. Yours in travel Ms Chelopo
Global Events2021-02-12
Hello Tourists! Our next topic is Political situations and Unforeseen circumstances. We will be looking at how these two can affect tourism in the country of occurrence. Please go through the slides. All instructions have been included in the presentation. Yours in travel Ms. Chelopo
Unforeseen Circumstances
Good Day Grade 12’s! Here is the first PAT of 2021. The theme is “HOME”. Please read through the document, I have included background information on the theme to help inspire you and your interpretation of the theme: “HOME”. Please follow the instructions on page 4 of the PAT. You must complete numbers 1-5 of your Index for your first class. If you are unsure of anything or have any questions about the theme and your interpretation of the theme, please contact me!!! Kind Regards, Ms Sassman
PAT 1 2021