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Test 1

Older Homework

Goeie dag Graad 8’s. Vind asseblief die volgende dokumente aangeheg. Onthou om alle werk in jou werksboek te doen. Skryf die datum en Hoofstuk neer. Voltooi alle werkskaarte voor die skool begin. Alle werk sal in die klas bespreek word. Lekker rus en wees veilig.
2021 Gr 8 Werksprogram Hoofstuk 3 Diere Hoofstuk 4 Opsomming toets Opsomming wenke Hoofstuk 4 Hoofstuk 4.12021-02-11
Goeie dag Graad 8’s. Hier is die nuwe Hoofstuk 3.1. Die vorige Hoofstuk 3 was net ‘n voorbeeld vraestel. Voltooi asseblief die vrae in jou werksboek. Dit sal in die klas bespreek word. Lekker rus en veilig wees.
Hoofstuk 3.1
Hi Grade 8’s! To get started with Visual Arts in the presentation you must revise the Art Elements which is very important in the Visual Arts. There is a small activity at the end of the presentation and I will post the answers next week. Ms K. Sassman
Elements of Art Introduction Grade 8 2021-02-04
Hello Grade 9’s! Here is a small revision exercise of the Elements of Art, just to start off the year. The art elements make up an artwork, so it is very important we revise them. There is a small activity at the end, which I will post the answers to next week. Ms K. Sassman
Elements of Art Introduction Grade 9
Good day grade 8 Welcome to CR Swart. I hope you will enjoy your time with us and are eager to get started. The file attached is pages 3 – 7 of your BLUE Accounting workbook. (for those who have not yet collected their textbooks) Over the next few days please read through the basic concepts on pg. 3-5. Please attempt in filling in examples where ever it is given. if you are unsure do it in pencil. Using the table at the top of page 5 please do activity 1.1 and 1.2 in your workbook. If you do not have a workbook yet please do it on a folio paper so that you can later write it in your workbook when you receive it. The corrections on these activities will be posted next week Wednesday. This work will only be briefly touched on in class because of the two week delay on the reopening of school. Regards Mrs H Moolman
Gr8 EMS Acc WEEK 12021-02-10
Please see attached the corrections for activity 1.1 & 1.2 that was posted last week. We are looking forward to see you and get started next week. Mrs Moolman & Wayland
Corrections for activity 1 & 2
Hello young minds and welcome to EMS grade 8. I hope you all well and eager to learn more about the subject. I am looking forward to seeing you all in person and kick-start your academic year. Study the following slides together with your text book from page 16 and follow the topic” the government”. More instructions are given in the PDF best wishes! Ms Moufe
The Government 1
Welcome to Grade 8 English!
2021-02-09 Hospitality studies Grade 8 term 1 lesson 12021-02-10
Good day Grade 8s. Welcome to C. R Swart. I hope you are all ready to learn. I am Mrs de Beer and will be teaching most of you History. For your first lesson you have to do the following: Read through the PDF 2021 Grade 8 History Lesson 1 and 2. The PDF is about the Industrial revolution. Then you must read through the information in your GREEN history book from page 2-5 and answer ALL the questions for Activity 1 in your GREEN workbook. I will post the corrections on the website on Friday 12th of February. This work will be checked next week when you are at school. Kind greetings.
2021 Grade 8 History Lesson 1 and 2
Welcome to Grade 8 Life Orientation. Please read through the slide show which has been uploaded and carefully follow the instructions on each slide. Learners must please complete the work between 01 Feb – 07 Feb. Thank you Mr E. Leyds
Life orientation Term 1 01Feb 05 Feb2021-02-09
Good day Grade 8’s I’ve uploaded this weeks content please read through the slides and follow all the instructions provided. Please complete this by the end of this week (08 Feb – 12 Feb). Thank you, stay safe Mr. E Leyds
Life orientation Grade 8 term1 08 Feb 12 Feb
This is the Term 1 layout for the Grade 8 mathematics learners.
Year plan for Grade 8 mathematics only term 1 2021-02-02 Online teaching introduction 2021-02-03
Online lesson 1 Definitions of types of fractions
Online lesson 1 2021-02-03
Video 1 online – converting improper fractions into mixed numbers.
video 1 online Video 2 online Homework activity revision grade 82021-02-04
This video aims to provide examples of the addition of fractions – revision Study and copy into your workbooks.
online video 3
Online video 4 – revision Subtracting fractions Study and copy into your workbooks
online video 4
This video provides examples of the multiplication of fractions Study and copy into workbooks Online video 5
online video 5
Online video 6 revision Please watch and study content Copy work into your workbooks The video contains a demonstration of how to divide fractions
online video 6 2021-02-05 Grade 8 message
Converting improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa.
Grade 8 revision
Revision: Addition of fractions- Please study and copy into workbooks.
Adding fractions
Revision: Multiplication of fractions Study this and copy in workbooks
Multiplication of fractions
Revision: Division of fractions
Division of fractions2021-02-08
Rhombus, square, parallelogram, and rectangle. – Revision
Shapes Grade 8 revision
Baseline test scope- Grade 8 mathematics 15 Feb 2021
Baseline test scope Grade 8 mathematics
Work coming soon.
2021-02-09 Week 1
Good day Grade 8s, How are you doing? Welcome to H/s C. R. Swart!! I am so happy that you are here. Please read the instructions on the worksheet and do as instructed. Miss Bezuidenhout☺
Gr. 8 PS 2021 introduction
Hello and welcome grade 8s. I hope you are all eager to start your high school career at HSP C.R. Swart. Attached above is the introduction to grade 8 Geography. Please copy the definitions of the following words in your books: map, directions and co-ordinates. There’s a revision exercise to be done in your exercise as well. I also ask that you decorate the first page in your books. The work will be marked as soon as we continue with the content. Keep a look out on the website for corrections and more work. Kind regards.
Hello grade 8s. The attached file has the corrections from the revision exercise you were tasked with in the previous upload. Kindly mark your work with a pencil and do corrections where needed. Kind regards
Introduction to Map work Corrections2021-02-11
Hello Grade 8s. This presentation is made up of definitions that are crucial to map work in geography. Please copy them down in your books- read and understand them as they form the basis of map work. Kind regards Ms. Chelopo
Lines on the map
Attached are worksheets 1 and 2 for Friday 5 Feb and Monday 8 Feb. Please use your textbook and workbook to complete the work.
8 WS 1 & 22021-02-09
Worksheet 3 attached. Please complete in workbook.
Ws 3