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Test 1

Older Homework

Hallo Grade 9’s! Here is your first exercise for homework. Please copy this work in your Afrikaans Language workbook and finish the exercise for Monday. Thank you all and stay safe!
Graad 9 Alfabet Oefening2021-02-10
Hi Grade 9’s! Here is the next worksheet to be completed in your workbooks please. This is part of comprehension and language exercises. Please remember to rewrite or paste this in your workbook and complete the questions. Thank you and stay safe!
Graad 9 Stories Werkkaart
Dramatic Arts The elements of drama is the most important thing in drama. Make a poster on the THIRD page in your Drama workbooks using the elements of drama, I have put up one as an example please make your own poster. Be creative. Do the revision worksheet in your workbooks. See you soon.
Dramatic arts Gr9 (Revision)
Welcome back grade 9’s. Here is just 2 revision activities of the cash journals to ensure that we know and understand our grade 8 work before we can move on with the new curriculum. The corrections will be posted on Friday 5 February.
CRJ & CPJ 1 CRJ & CPJ 2 2021-02-05
Here is the corrections for the two revision activities about cash journals. Enjoy your weekend. The next activities will only be posted on Monday. A Wayland
Good morning Grade 9’s Please complete the Bank account in the General Ledger for the following activities. The corrections will be posted on the website on Wednesday 10 February 2021. Regards Ms A Wayland
General Ledger 1 General Ledger 2 General Ledger 32021-02-10
Good morning Grade 9’s Here is the corrections for the activities that were posted on Monday 8 February 2021.
General Ledger 1 Corrections General Ledger 2 Corrections General Ledger 3 Corrections
Here is accounting equation revision activities The corrections will be posted on Friday 12 February 2021
Accounting Equation Act 1 Accounting Equation Act 22021-02-12
Good Morning Grade 9’s Here is the corrections for the Accounting Equation activities. Enjoy your weekend Ms A Wayland
Accounting Equation Act 1 Corrections Accounting Equation Act 2 Corrections
04/02/2021 Welcome Grade 9 This year is going to be a good year and I know that you will excel beyond your dreams. It is going to be hard work and there for we are starting NOW! Please cover your EMS book with paper and plastic. REMEMBER YOUR NAME AND SURNAME PLEASE leave the first two pages of the notebook open as you will receive papers to paste in !!!!!!. We are starting with Economic systems. Week 1 will be the Planned economy Week 2 the Market economy and Week 3 the Mixed economy. WEEK1 Planned Economy Study the planned economy and summarize the information in you notebook. Do the worksheet. Question 3 is tricky but try to answer it. You can use your textbooks for extra information. Good Luck Ms Meyer.
ems GR 9 Economic Systems
Good morning! Here I’ve uploaded a general breakdown of all the important information you need to know before you return to school. Remember, if you have any issues, you are encouraged to email your educator for assistance. I look forward to seeing you soon! Ms T Poonsamy πŸ™‚
Welcome Grade 9’s to Life Orientation. Please read through the slide show which I’ve uploaded and follow each instruction very carefully. Work completion should be done between 01 Feb – 07 Feb 2021. Thank you Mr E. Leyds
Grade 9 Life orientation 01 Feb 05 Feb2021-02-09
Good day Grade 9’s Please read though the slideshow which has been uploaded and follow each instruction provided on each slide. The work should be completed by the end of this week (08 Feb – 12 Feb). Please stick to the time frames given. Best wishes (Stay Safe) Mr. E Leyds
Grade 9 Life orientation 08 Feb 12 Feb
Good day Gr. 9s!! Welcome back! hope you are rested and ready for 2021! It is going to be a great year! Please do the first work. Miss Bez
Gr. 9 LS 2021 introduction
Please memorize the first 20 elements on this periodic
Periodic table
Good afternoon grade 9s. Welcome to grade 9 physical science 2021. β€œScience and everyday life cannot and should not be separated.” – Rosalind Franklin. Looking forward to have you back at school, in the meantime copy down and most important read through the notes and answer the questions that are given on the attached two activities. In grade 9 you are expected to memorize the first 20 elements because when writing exams and tests, the periodic table will not be given to you. Stay safe
Grade 9 physics 2021
Please complete the above given work and tasks by Monday 8 February. Start working on the second page of your workbook.
WS 1 and 22021-02-08
Worksheets to complete Monday to Wednesday
WS 3